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Recently, the Shandong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation announced the list of high-end brand cultivation enterprises in Shandong Province for the year 2023, with Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. honored on the list.

Brand is an important manifestation of the core competitiveness of enterprises. Nanshan Aluminum attaches great importance to brand building, adhering to the enterprise development strategy of "driven by innovation, high-end manufacturing, and deep processing", focusing on the manufacturing of high-end products, steadily advancing the improvement, extension, and value-added of the aluminum industry chain, continuously focusing on enhancing independent innovation capabilities, and committed to building a world-leading supplier of automotive and aerospace materials and a world-class aluminum processing enterprise.

This selection highlights the fruitful achievements of Nanshan Aluminum in terms of brand value and influence. Nanshan Aluminum will continue to strengthen brand building, enhance the overall momentum and influence of the brand, promote the high-end development of the brand, and take practical actions to practice the construction of "Good Brand Shandong", playing a benchmarking and leading role in promoting the construction and development of high-end brands in Shandong Province.

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